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What do we do?

Epitermal S.A. is a company based in the province of San Juan. Its function is to prospect and explore for mineral deposit targets using local knowledge of four generations of the Bastias family who grew up in the mining industry along with the local experience of its partners. Founders have the experience of working in definition of regional targets different companies for more than 30 years throughout Argentina and South American countries like Chile, Colombia and Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru
Epitermal S.A. has managed to generate a portfolio of at least 9 projects in more than 100K Ha of concessions located within the Cordillera Frontal & Pre-cordillera of San Juan pro-

vince. These projects are associated with alteration systems related to unexplored High, Intermediate and Low Sulphidation System. The portafolio have also potential for unexplored Porphyries System at depth as well as Skarn Targets related to Tertiary Intrusives within the Precordillera Environmental such as the recent reactivated Historical Hualilan Project, currently under active exploration. The company has extensive experience in handling logistics supporting exploration.
In addition, Epitermal can manage environmental consulting studies and definition of social and environmental studies in agreement with mining law authorities of San Juan province.

Why San Juan?

The province of San Juan has had up to three mines of Au in production. At least two major copper gold deposits are being developed to feasibility stage in the north of the province. It has recently being categorized by the Fraser Institute of Canada and reached 21st place this year. Fraser Institute is a survey study among the mining companies around the world that reflects the index of investment attraction in the sector.

About us

Hugo Bastias

Hugo is a PhD in geology with more than 30 years of experience in exploration in South America.

It was part of the initial team of Argentina Gold who discovered the Veladero gold deposit of 7.5 million ounces, now a Barrick mine in Argentina.

He was instrumental in the discovery of uranium in U3O8 Corp. in Colombia and Argentina.

Extensive experience in social initiatives and environmental management.

Extensive experience in social initiatives and environmental management. In San Juan, he discovered the POPOSA project that is currently being explored by the company Sable Resources of Canada.

Gabriel Bastias

He led the team that discovered the uranium-vanadium deposit Laguna Salada of U3O8 Corp.

In Argentina along with other discoveries that have not yet advanced resource definition.

More than 14 years of experience in exploration with discoveries advanced base for feasibility stage projects. Gabriel provides resources and internal expertise in estimating reserves.

He held a master’s degree in mineral exploration at Queens University, Ontario, with a thesis on uranium exploration methods under the direction of Professor Kurt Keyser.

Geological Team

Diego Marqués.

Geologist and Partner

More than 15 years of experience in prospecting, exploration of uranium and precious metals in different provinces of Argentina.

He had a fundamental role in the discovery and development of the Laguna Salada project, a deposit of 13 million of pounds located on the plateau of the province of Chubut that was taken to a preliminary economic assessment study

He also developed as a researcher in the area of hydrogeology within the national water institute (INA).

He currently serves as an associate professor in the chair of hydrogeology in the U.N.S.J. and project geologist / consultant from Sable Resources.

Federico Sachi.

Partner Project Geologist

Fundamental role in the acquisition of the Epitermal S.A. He has 20 years of experience linked to the exploration and exploration of mineral resources.

He work in different mining projects within Argentina and Uruguay as a consulting and project geologist.

Federico is a team leader and an expert mountaineer who allows him to work on projects at height.

Our projects

Map reference


Upper c Volvanic Belt

Gondwic Magmatic-Volcanic Belt

Camb-Ordov Limestone Belt

Know Skarn

Intermediate Sulpidation Systems

Major Porphyry Systems

Hig Sulphidation Systems

100K Ha avialble for negotiation

For more information

please contact Gabriel Bastias [email protected] or Hugo Bastias [email protected]

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